How do you read?

Someone asked me the question “How do you read?” and it shocked me because I couldn’t answer so quickly. At first I was confused and mistook it as a joke. Stating “I look at words and my brain do the rest.” with a chuckle. That was until I realized she was serious.

I went home and it took me a while but I finally came up with an answer. It totally depends on why you are reading the book. Books I am reading purely for entertainment (i.e. Hunger Games) I buy physically. I enjoy reading way more when I can touch, feel and breathe in the pages.

I can’t be the only one who buys new books and inhale the smell right???

Anyway, for books I read for a quick review, or work related I get them on my e-reader. Lets face it, technology is taking over the world and quite frankly it is way quicker to send someone a copy of your book via the internet (wi-fi) and have them start reading on a e-reader. Also, when you have a class and need a textbook why carry a huge bulky book when you have your handy dandy iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc. (insert the long list of e-readers here).

When I read from my Kindle though I must admit I don’t soak in the story like I would with my physical book. It’s kinda like me saying “That was a awesome book” then I quickly download another and start the process again. I pause probably between chapters, take notes and think out certain parts I find interesting. I jot down question marks, predictions and when I finish I see my thoughts afterwards. I can enjoy my e-book but I don’t get as lost in another world as I do with a physical book.

What about you guys? How do you read and do you feel the same way about physical vs. ebooks??? Drop a comment,, answer the poll 🙂

Check mate.


Hell’s Kitchen Homicide: A Conor Bard Mystery

Usually what draws me to a book is the cover. Now I know you shouldn’t judge one by its cover but we all know we are visual creatures.

Anyway with this it was the summary on the back of the book:

Charles Kipps introduces Conor Bard, NYPD homicide detective and wanna-be rock star, in his suspense-packed debut novel.

Hell’s Kitchen: The Manhattan neighborhood with a long history of cold-blooded crimes now witnesses one more—the murder of a hugely successful criminal defense lawyer with rumored Mafia ties, whose corpse is found on the banks of the Hudson River. Conor Bard’s investigation begins with a sexy, unfaithful widow who stands to inherit millions . . . and leads him to cross paths with a sorrowful, intriguing Albanian woman he can’t resist. Young enough to chase down bad guys, smart enough to know time’s ticking on his dreams of making it in the music business and finding the right woman, Conor will discover that time is more precious than even he may realize . . . as a tightening web of secrets, lies, and seduction may cut his own life short.


This was a very intriguing detective book. Detective Connor Bard was written beautifully . He was witty, smart, soulful and had his way with the ladies if you know what I mean.

His relationship with his older partner was interesting as well. They played off one another when speaking to suspects and it was brilliant. The setting is NYC as well and we all know how dirty those streets can get with crimes. For this case the obvious suspect is the decreased’s wife who would inherit millions of dollars. But we all know the most obivious is never the one.

With Hell’s Kitchen homicide you flip and flop when guessing the criminal so many times. You feel like you are Connor asking questions and investigating.

There are also a bar where many important events happen. You can visualize everything perfectly. Good writing on Charles Kipps part.



So what are you waiting for go out find this book and drink some voldka. (Read the book you get what I mean) 🙂


Something Upstairs

something upstairsOk so where do I begin on this thriller tale. I found this book at my job and based on the cover I figured it was a little kids book (like age 5 and up) . It was not and I connected with it in more ways than one.

It is based on a tale of a boy who recently moved from a nice big sunny town to a depressing small town. He then gets a really coool room I wish I grew up in. First off it’s in the attic and it is so huge there’s two separate rooms up there. It also comes with a bathroom come on if that’s not awesome I don’t know what is. Anyway, soon Kenny realizes that he is sharing his room with a ghost who is stuck in the past and is unable to move on until he figures out his killer.

Deep stuff right?

So then we find out that not only is Kenny have a super cool room but his ghost have an interesting back story as well. This book is a historical tale where the main character does a lot of digging in the past. There are parts where time travel is at play which really put you on the edge of your seat.

Theres, also a twist which I won’t say here but when it happened I was shocked . It is told in the way of the main character telling the story to someone else. It is mildly scary (perhaps for middle school aged) but an exciting thriller. I personally couldn’t put it down and read it through in one night.

The ghost (Caleb) was a slave of a previous owner of the home. Kenny travels back in time multiple times with Caleb to figure out what happened on the night he died. He soon comes faced with a dilemma on returning back home in the present or helping out his ghost friend Caleb.

This is a quick read and I encourage you all to sit back on a rainy day and read this.

Check mate.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

me and earl and the dying girl Ok so I was in Target and I saw this and quickly snatched it up. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews have such a beautiful cover art right? I saw the trailers for the movie back when it came out and loved it. With all my friends sucking I still haven’t seen the motion picture but it made me want to read the story 🙂

Anywho and I will try to make this as spoiler-free as possible. Read the first page and I was so hooked. Not everyday do books start off with the main character letting you know he is the author and his book is stupid. (which remains as the running gag throughout the story) Also it is written in this really cool script format! Thats how we are introduced to Greg Gaines (little awkward teen who makes films no one can watch and rather speak to everyone than have a core close friend group)

Even though the other main character Earl is totally your best friend right Greg?

So i was instantly sucked in until I realized how unlikeable Greg really was. He finds out his ex (girlfriend) friend has cancer and he says to his mother: ” Oh….that sucks”. His mom then have to force him to call/go over to the dying girl (Rachel).

So you then expect by the end that either

A) Rachel becomes the love of Greg’s life and somehow survive by the end of the story


B) Rachel becomes the love of Greg’s life. She ends up dying at the end and we are all brought to tears of the love lost

None of those options happened instead we got

Jesse Andrews winning option: Greg never learns how to fully accept Rachel as a friend, continues to treat people like crap, Rachel gives up and dies. Greg keeps saying the words “stupid book” over and over, and the only likeable character in all of _____ pages is Earl.

If you are looking for a different outlook on “illness romance” books this is the one for you. It also is very humorous and will probably enjoy it unlike me if you feel the connection with the characters. Check it out for yourself . I think the problem with me is I had high expectations so I was disappointed. Won’t get a reread from me.

Check mate

♛♛Greetings/Intro ♛♛

Hello everyone Kiara here. I am a 20 something year old girl who enjoys reading till her eyes fall off ! I also write some of my own stuff I probably talk about as well on here 🙂

I read many different types of books my fav being romance, mystery and sci-fi. I would pick a book either randomly chosen from my book shelf, or a recent book that was recently released or seen on goodreads and write about it. Pretty much giving my review on it and in a way raising awareness of the story. Win-win for all. Going to pick a book to write in my next post now.

WARNINGS: I am very random and quirky and can be very sarcastic.

The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading.” -David Bailey